My work in sound and music comes from a deep appreciation of how sound affects and informs us. As a graduate student, my focus was on music cognition as I am interested in the way that we experience sound in environments. While studying, I received a Dean's grant for a study on the emotional response to spatialized sound. One of the main motivations for conducting the study was to evaluate current ways in which audio is being delivered in the cinematic experience. Though the role of sound is often subtle, it has a profound influence.

With over a decade of experience in sound and music, I am well versed in the technical aspects of audio. I have composed soundtracks for fashion shows, films and commercials. I am well versed in current music technology and software, specifically Logic and Pro Tools. I hold a Master's in Music Technology from New York University.

I thoroughly enjoy working with sound and music and strive to articulate that affection in my work.